The Lone Leader Weekly

12th July 2023

The Ability To Stand Alone.

… is an expression of courage and clarity.

#1. Your Job Is Not To Be Liked

It is to make a difference to those that you care about.

#2. They Say It Can’t Be Done.

You must say – it can’t be done yet.

#3. Embrace Today And Take Action.

Have patience for the future that today will create.

Build Your Own Island.

Do you ever get SICK of helping everyone else? Meeting their needs, their wants, and working on their schedule?

In the modern world of leadership, somehow, that line could be controversial, maybe get me some nasty comments, or even cancelled.

But it needs to be said.

When we choose to create a business, very few of us set out to be leaders; we probably have more of an expectation of being managers, of people, budgets, and general everyday bullshit. But we don’t set out to be leaders.

In reality, if we had that vision, we would be disappointed quickly.

As our business grows, there is a need to transition into a space where management evolves into leadership, and not everyone makes it to the other side.


Because management is tangible, process-led, and Measurable.

Leadership, however, is agile, soft, intangible, and powerful.

But many of us don’t get the manual on being a good leader because one doesn’t exist.

Yes, a lot of literature will give you some tools to implement, but when it comes to that moment, and those moments often creep up on you, you have to be ready.

That’s why you need to build yourself an island.

An island of selfishness, of ME!

That’s where authentic leadership comes from, not the external, but the internal.

We cannot lead others until we lead ourselves; we are imperfect too.

To lead ourselves, we need the following:

  1. Understand what we want from our lives and business
  2. Know where we want to go
  3. Ask what success looks like for us
  4. To know that we have support when we need it
  5. Find space that allows us to process the demands on us
  6. Have a voice that is heard

You give all these things to your team, loved ones and friends. But I have lost track of how many times I have heard business owners tell me that they have no one to speak with or that understands what they are going through.

Your island is where you set the rules and dictate who is allowed on that island and how they can interact with you.

This is not a selfish act. It is an act of respect for yourself, for your needs and wants.

And it’s the only way to find peace with the never-ending trauma of owning a business.

This island may only be inside your mind. But so is everything else, so you may aswell make it the best island possible.

Take the time this week to start building your island, one decision at a time.

And if you need a little help, join the free Lone Leader App here.

Until next week, get building.


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