Once you are confident in your business idea, it’s important to start branding your business from day 1 to fuel momentum. Many people overlook the significance of their brand or think that it’s something to be worked on at a later date. The truth is that brand is always in play. So make it one of the first things you do.

The founder’s personal brand is often what helps drive the business in those early days. You may have a reputation in a certain industry and now you want to go it alone with your new start-up. This reputation is part of your personal brand.

When starting a new business you might have ambitions of building a large company in a new industry and therefore your personal brand will only get you so far. Developing a strong brand from day 1 will help you build momentum. Clearly, your brand is only a part of the overall business, but its still a huge part of the overall pie.

The benefits of branding your business from the beginning will help you achieve greater buy-in from partners, co-founders, staff, clients and customers; and importantly, it can set the tone for the direction of your new business.

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5 steps to build your brand from day 1:

The above 5 steps can bring clarity to branding your business in those early days so you have the momentum and positive feedback to move forward. If you would like some support or mentoring around branding your business feel free to get in touch with Waking Giants who can help your business get off the ground and thrive.

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