Brand Strategy That Drives Customer
Loyalty & The Bottom Line.

Brand strategy is about how you make people feel and not what you sell them.

Brand Strategy Consultant Waking Giants

If your brand strategy is aligned with your customer’s needs and your business strengths. You earn loyalty.


If your goals are arbitrary – to be the biggest in the world, to be the most luxurious – don’t expect to align with your audience (customers or staff) when you have different expectations of the relationship. What is it that will define success between you and your customer? 


Your new or current service or product needs to connect with the people you want to do business in a way that your audience can relate to, that conveys trust from the outset, and drives loyalty beyond the sale.


A fancy “logo” won’t cut it in a competitive and disrupted market. You need a clear and concise brand strategy that will not only do all of the above but will also ensure consistency on the delivery of your brand across all stakeholders and platforms.


You need to find a partner like Waking Giants who have proven over and over again how well we can identify what different markets respond to, know how to deliver professional, trustworthy and ageless brand experiences to our client’s audiences.


This is not about us… this is about you – we will guide you towards creating a brand that engages and drives your bottom line.

Best Awards Finalist Waking Giants

Hallmark Group began working closely with Waking Giants after researching and meeting with several different marketing companies within New Zealand. We felt Waking Giants stood out from the rest of the pack due to their prompt response, X-factor and their ability to quickly understand our various products and markets.


From day 1 Grant and his team have been exceptional in our journey to increase and develop new brands, and the concepts that they have created have exceeded all our original expectations. What has really stood out is the hands-on approach and attention to the smallest details that Waking Giants have undertaken in bringing new products to market. I would certainly recommend Waking Giants to any company who is looking to increase brand awareness and market share.


Braden Hickmott

Development Director, Hallmark Group

Grant and the team have worked with GridAKL, Auckland’s innovation precinct, over the last four years bringing to life our brand identity. During that time we have developed an open and honest collaborative process which has enabled us to develop a clear strategy for our brand and how this is implemented.


Grant is able to transcend disciplines and work in a multi-faceted approach combing strategic insight, design and implementation. He works to understand business needs, objectives and outcomes and helps clients develop strategies to elevate their position and speak to their target audiences. I value Grant’s objectivity and strategic clarity as a critical friend.



Racheal Child

GridAKL Strategist ATEED



Create a long-term plan for the development of your brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business.



Often where you start is not where you end up. A proactive focus on how your markets, customers and employees needs are changing will allow you to evolve to meet those needs.



The critical success factor when it comes to brand management is context and consistency. If you do not provide a clear and engaging pathway to interact with your brand you put yourselves at risk and your competitors in first place.



Brand values are the rules that guide and create accountability against the true purpose of your business success. They should guide every decision you make.



When you are in a competitive industry it is important to be present and valuable to the end consumer. You can quickly become irrelevant if you don’t understand where your market is and what they need.



Any organisation that rebrands has to consider the impact of that change. So often is the case that the rebrand is an excuse for other issues within the business like culture, sales, leadership or product/market fit.

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