Why is brand strategy important?

So much more than your logo, your brand strategy is how you make your ideal customer feel.

Brand Strategy Customer Service
Brand Strategy Retail

Brand Strategy.

It’s all about the long-term relationship.

When you ask why people buy your product to service you must take into account the brand value you have developed with them, especially if they come back time and time again.

The ultimate for any business sustainability is your ability to capture the mind of your audience. How do you get them to choose you when they are so many alternatives and are they willing to forgo a lower price to choose you? That’s brand equity.

How do you develop a strong brand strategy?

Need to create a brand strategy?

Your brand strategy starts on the inside, being clear on your purpose and how you want to serve your customer. Then you build a bridge to them through your brand identity and communications.

Your Internal Brand

  • Purpose.

  • Culture.

  • Value proposition.

  • Brand promise.

  • Target market.

  • Core customer.

  • Pricing strategy.

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Business model.

  • Product/Service Benefits.

Your External Brand

  • Visual identity.

  • External brand communications.

  • Advertising.

  • Tone of voice.

  • Market influencers.

  • Partnerships.

  • Customer experience.

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Create loyalty to your brand.

When we look at strategy development the way you build loyalty is through your brand strategy. This is not in the numbers, but in the impact, you have on your customers and how they reward you.

Customers First

Focus most of our resources on driving a great customer experience.

Your Culture Is Critical

Your team need to understand what good looks like in delivering your brand.

Loyalty Is Not About Price

Pricing is an important part of brand strategy, but not the priority for many.

Complacency Kills Your Brand

Your brand strategy is a living thing so measure your progress and adjust as conditions evolve.

Insights: Everybody Is On A Journey.

What started as a simple website project several years ago has become an enduring relationship based on collaboration. They had a great brand and great people, but they knew they had more opportunities to improve. Their key win was being enabled to take a more strategic approach and then knowing what to do about it.

Providing a fresh perspective, focus, long-term results and being able to get the best out of the resources they have. Hear from Raymond >

Raymond Laursen

Sales & Innovation Manager, Conroy Australia

Time to take action.

Our approach to brand strategy is to focus on the core needs of the business – understanding the current strengths and weaknesses or looking for future growth opportunities.

Business Coaching

Do you need someone to look for the opportunities you can’t see?

Strategic Planning

Do you need clarity on where your business is and where it is heading?

Find your voice.

People want to hear what you have to say

If you asked us if we coach leaders to use LinkedIn it would be a resounding no. But when we work with leaders that we can see potential in, we identify all of the tools that can get them to their goals.

Over the past 12 months, we have coached two successful business owners that are paving the way for their respective industries on building their brands online.

To say they were nervous at first is an understatement, it took a lot of support and coaching to get them to the start line because they felt they didn’t have anything valuable to share.

But with the right ideas, and structure they were about to embrace a new platform and a new way of telling their story. One generated over 50,000 views of their first post (And continued to do so) and got the attention of globals CEOs interested in working with them. But the real win is the confidence they gained in their ability to lead their industries.

Real-world results followed quickly and it soon became a tool to share their vision and grow their businesses. Focused and consistent application, nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong, we did coach LinkedIn strategy, but more importantly, we shone a light on their potential and got them to the start line.

LinkedIn Coaching

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