The Lone Leader Weekly

5th July 2023

All Frustration…

… is the outcome of misaligned expectations.

#1. Expectations Of The Mind.

The voices and reality are not the same. Use your mind wisely.

#2. Expectations Of The Body.

Abuse it, and it will fail. Push it, and it will surprise you.

#3. Expectations Of The Heart.

It can and will be broken, but it can heal. If you let it.

Your Expectations. Your Outcomes.

Is it me, or is everyone selling greatness?

It usually comes in a package with a bow, and it is all but guaranteed. (Read the small print).

But all that success propaganda is making us, well, feel shit.

You can’t read the news as the world is ending.

You can’t go on social as it tells you you are not enough.

So what do you do?

Since the advent of media in all forms, we have been sold the dream, the cars, the riches and the lifestyle. We have been told what success is.

But they never ask what success looks like for you because that doesn’t sell.

Staying at home, hanging with family. That’s not a success because they can’t keep your attention.

Driving a debt-free car. That’s not a success because they want you to keep up.

Not changing your wardrobe every season. That’s not a success; they want you to buy new ones to fit in.

But who are they?

They are of no value because they are creating a set of rules that they want you to live by.

SHOCK!They are a figment of your imagination.

They don’t exist.

There is only you.

There is a wide gap between their expectations and the realities of what you want. And that’s where all of your insecurities and fears lie.

When you ask the question: What does success look like for me? They don’t get to contribute.

By understanding what you want from anything, your head, your body or your heart, you allow yourself to align expectations that you can live with.

And more importantly, to thrive with.

This doesn’t mean that you lack aspiration; it means that you are making the right decisions for you, with your needs front of mind, so your needs can be met.

If you want to remove frustration, re-align your expectations. Or they will come for you.

Until next week, stop listening to them.


What next?

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