We Are All Searching For Meaning

But few use it to live their fullest life.

#1. Business Is Never Perfect.

We can blame the economy, the government and the competition, but we are the ones that control our minds and actions. Imperfect progress is better than regret.

#2. Be Relentless About The ‘THING’.

Less but better. Less work, but better work. Less food, but better food. Less thinking, but better thinking. Less goals, but better goals.

#3. Deep Work Demands Purpose.

Undertaking deep work practices isn’t about productivity, it’s about doing less of the shit that won’t serve you. Distractions are 95% meaningless, they do not serve you or your ambition in life.

ARTICLE: An Anchor In A Storm

My anchors are no longer things that hold me back but the thing that holds me steady in a storm so I can keep progressing when it clears.

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