Activate Auckland Business Funding

Are you a business based in Auckland that wants support for your leadership, strategy or implementation?

Activate Auckland Funding - Waking Giants
Activate Auckland Business Funding - Waking Giants

Support for business owners.

Beyond just planning, support where the rubber hits the road.

On Friday 22 October, the Government announced a support package for Auckland businesses affected by alert level restrictions, and as the country transitions to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework. This package helps Auckland businesses access:

• advice and planning support
• support to implement advice and planning
• health and wellbeing support
• business community resources

How can we help you through this new fund?

These are the services we have registered with Activate Auckland.

We cannot guarantee your application will be approved or the level of funding that you may receive. This is tax-payers money and therefore due process and approval is required by Activate Auckland before we can provide any services to you.

Leadership Support

  • One on one leadership coaching.

  • Leadership skills development.

  • Resilience skills development.

  • Culture and values development and rollout.

  • Team motivators alignment.

  • Accountability skills development.

  • Team communication and onboarding plans/process.

Strategy Support

  • One on one advisory and strategic thinking.

  • Business Audit – Where the opportunities lie.

  • Design of strategic plans and operations.

  • Strategy launch with internal stakeholders.

  • Mapping of action points over 30/90 days.

  • Market analysis and customer journey.

  • Product/service diversification planning.

  • Using digital tools to create customer journeys.

  • Customer journey tools integration.

Marketing Support

  • Defining core customer.

  • Defining core market.

  • Creation of marketing proposition and messaging.

  • Key strategies and platforms.

  • Budgeting and measurement of results.

  • Design of marketing plan.

  • Production of marketing creative assets.

  • Set up of media and tracking.

Digital Marketing Support

  • Digital marketing opportunity analysis.

  • Online customer journey mapping.

  • Design of digital plan.

  • Platform validation and campaign strategy.

  • Digital content strategy.

  • Set up of platforms and campaigns.

  • Creation of campaign messaging and creative.

  • Media spend and tracking of ROI.

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