Why Waking Giants?

Because we believe in the potential of purposeful leaders and their impact on the world.

Grant Difford - Waking Giants


From our early beginnings, we have been passionate about the process of positive, continuous change and the impact it has on business and those connected to it.

Now more than ever we see the need for greater focus on ‘why’ founders are in business in the first place and how that manifests into positive outcomes.

Our focus is on three key areas that we believe define the potential success of any organisation and will enable leaders to meet their own goals and support the goals of their teams – Leadership, Strategy and Strategy Implementation.

Leadership and Strategy

Our Mission.

To make leadership and strategy simple.

A bold mission you may think, but it’s not as silly as it sounds. If we have great leaders with a clear and focused strategy, then it all becomes easier.

How do we make leadership simple – we teach you how build your business on a sense of purpose and build a strong, positive culture.

How do we make strategy simple – we teach you to do less. Don’t try and do everything, but do those few things extremely well.

Our Values.

Our values drive the behaviours we encourage from ourselves and our clients. They are rules that we hold ourselves accountable for each day without fail.

Make It Happen

Talk is cheap, get it done.

Grow together

To grow together we must be aware and be of service.

Ditch the baggage

What got us here won’t get us where we are going.