90 Day Strategic Plan


+ Mapping Your Business Foundation
+ 1 year, 3 year goals and key priorities
+ 30/60/90 day action planning using OKRs

This strategic workshop will uncover what is right in front of you and challenge the status quo. Even if it is to bench test the current situation, fresh eyes and robust conversation can yield surprising results.

Who is the workshop for?

For founders leading a growing and evolving business that is not the same as it was when you started. It’s time to dust off the strategic plan, test it against your current reality and look to the future.

Why build a strategic plan?

Without a plan in place you are a rudderless ship floating in a large ocean. A plan enables you to make positive decisions while moving you towards an agreed outcome.

What will the workshop cover?
Current Status

To know where you are is to understand how you get to where you want to be.

+ Top-level business audit over key areas
+ Parking lot of gaps identified over 6 pillars.


Review the current status and parking lot. We look at the key areas of Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Branding, Growth and Execution.

+ Discovery and documentation.

Mapping Your Business Foundation

Clarity of your business foundation will allow key stakeholders to drive consistent performance throughout the business and map against KPIs.

+ Core customer
+ Core products
+ Brand promise
+ Differentiating activities
+ 10X-factor
+ Values & purpose
+ 1 year, 3 year goals and key priorities.

Mapping actions

Having challenged where you are currently, now you need to map where your weighting lies in terms of your 90 day plan. The goal is not to attack everything, but to identify where the most important areas are to focus on.

+ Key 6 pillars weighting and focus on key actions
+ 30/60/90 day action planning using OKRs.


You will complete the session with a series of documents and insights that will allow you to create a pathway forward.

+ Key 6 pillars weighting and focus on key actions
+ 30/60/90 day action planning using OKRs.

*All insights shared will be in the strictest of confidence. We will advise if there is any conflict of interest with other parties.
90 Day Strategic Plan
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