Are you struggling to focus on your business and make progress? Feeling like you are going it alone? What if, for just 2 hours, I could make that all go away?

It’s hard to take time out of your business, I get it, but that’s not an excuse not to do it. We know that time away from a task triggers your brain to solve the issue. So imagine you are stuck in your business day in and day out, and the frustrations just compound, and guess what? They don’t improve unless you break the cycle.

However, when immersed in day-to-day operations, finding the time and clarity to focus on strategic initiatives can be challenging. That’s where I come in.

Turning Frustration Into Progress

By removing yourself from your business with a new, unemotive voice, you will gain insights that would take months from spending the odd minute here and there. I can take you from frustration to clarity, action, and results in just two hours. Simply put progress.

Focus on What’s Most Important: Overwhelm and time are a curse to a business owner, so I’ll take that away by identifying the number one thing you need to focus on right now. Not 10, one thing that will make a difference.

Action Planning for Tangible Results: Now you know what’s most important, you need to know how to do something about it. I’ll help you develop a 30-day plan that helps you focus on the core goal and outline the steps and resources required.

Give you the Confidence to Execute: Fear of failure is the killer blow when it comes to making progress, so I will help you overcome that fear so you can get on and make the changes you need to change.

Measuring Success: Not all goals are equal. So measuring progress will be critical. You don’t need 300 KPIs to know you are making progress, just 1-3 key metrics you can manage daily to know you are moving forward.

Why get help to Focus on your Business?

Proven Track Record of Success: A solid track record of helping leaders achieve remarkable growth and navigate complex challenges. A wealth of experience across various industries enables me to provide tailored solutions that address your unique needs. Allow my expertise to guide your business towards strategic success.

Customized Approach for Your Business: Understanding that every business is different and has no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I take a personalized approach to strategy implementation. I take the time to understand your business, its goals, resources, and constraints, ensuring that my strategies and action plans are tailored specifically to your needs.

Expert Guidance and Ongoing Support: As your dedicated partner, I’m committed to your success. Providing ongoing guidance and support throughout the implementation process. Always available to answer your questions, provide insights, and help you overcome obstacles. Count on me to be there when you need me the most.

Results-Driven Focus: My ultimate goal is to drive tangible results for your business. Whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding market share, optimizing operations, or achieving any other strategic objective, I’m focused on delivering outcomes that exceed your expectations. I measure my success by the success of your business.

  • Genuine capability to see the bigger picture

  • Ability to see the small wins quickly

  • Focus on game-changing strategies not BAU

  • Translate talk into action

  • Use multiple industry experiences to innovate

The Benefits of Working with me to Focus YOUR Business

Using an accountability partner can provide several benefits, such as:

Improved collaboration and communication: It can help to break down communication barriers and foster collaboration, leading to increased engagement and better problem-solving.

Increased efficiency: It can ensure that goal gets out of your head and into action, making the most of the time available and achieving the desired outcomes efficiently.

Enhanced creativity and innovation: It can inspire creative thinking and promote innovative solutions to complex problems by creating a safe and inclusive environment that means you won’t be judged.

Clearer decision-making: It can help you to reach a decision without the fear of going it alone. And yes, I will tell you if your idea is shit. We all need that now and then.

Greater accountability: It can ensure that you are responsible for achieving the strategic objectives, creating a sense of accountability and ownership that can lead to better outcomes.

Why work with me?

In the past several years, I have worked across various industries going through massive change, staff shortages, logistics, culture, long-term planning and brand strategy, all of which were left until they became critical.

Imagine taking that idea that you are too busy to execute and working with me to make it happen.

The most recent accountability partnerships I have delivered include the following:

  • Solving a $16m inventory issue.

    This engagement was focused on bringing a senior leadership team of a $1b company together to refocus on their key issue, inventory. Due to the changes in shipping and customer needs post-COVID, there was a critical need to unlock this capital and reduce risk. Through a focused process, I was able to use their resource to unlock their challenges and identify three key strategies to solve the issue in 60 days.

  • Planning For Exit

    Working with a small, privately owned market leader and their senior team to explore growth strategies for the next three years. Key areas included increased optimisation through technology, development of key roles and core market growth. But as we were developing this strategy, there was an exit approach that aligned with my client’s needs. Over the coming 6 months, I was able to support the owner in the development of the exit strategy, alignment of the team and deliver the exit opportunity within 12 months.

  • Creating a $3m lift in revenue with no new resources.

    An international logistics company was struggling to align one of its territories, management and revenue to meet the potential we knew they had. Over 6 months I helped to develop the strategy and the implementation of that strategy only using the team they had in place. The first goal was to find the core objective, then align the resources and finally track progress. At the end of the piece of work we were able to deliver $1m revenue above the planned objective.

Each 2-hour session can be booked ad hoc with a minimum of 3 days’ notice, pending availability. Each session is an investment of $600 plus GST. They can be in person in Auckland, or on Teams if preferred and if you are based outside Auckland.

*All contracts are made with the strictest confidence in place. No critical data will be shared outside of our relationship. A fixed-cost plan will be provided for the duration of the engagement.

Having great ideas are one thing, but when you have so much doubt they rarely see the light of day.

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